Why Recycling is Important

Recycling concept

R & R Recycling Shares Vital Information on Our Environment Many people question why recycling is important, especially in areas of Southwest Virginia. What we do with our waste is an issue that extends beyond our immediate area. It is a worldwide problem that is critical in many countries. R & R Recycling does our […]

What Kind of Recycling Customer Are You?

Learn What Type of Recycling Customer You Are R & R Recycling asks, “What kind of recycling customer are you?” This question may catch you off-guard. What exactly do we mean? Well, there are different ways to recycle at our facility. You may need to drive to the shop to drop off items, or you […]

Recyclable Materials that We Accept at R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA

Recyclable cans in child's hands

Making Non-ferrous Metal Recycling Easier for Individuals   Bring Your Non-ferrous Metals to Our Recycling Center Are you looking to learn more about the recyclable materials that we accept at R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA? This month, we’re going to go more into detail about what our customers can and cannot bring to […]

Learn About Fluctuating Recycling Prices Near Roanoke, VA

Making a Difference By Recycling at a Reasonable Price in Montvale, VA When you need to find out more information about your recycling prices near Roanoke, VA, talk to the professionals at R & R Recycling. Everyone knows that recycling can benefit the world in numerous ways, but it’s relatively common to not have answers […]