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If you have old or unwanted catalytic converters, copper, truck wheels, and other recyclables, drop them off at R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA, for cash! We even provide scrap metal pickup and large container services for scrap loads of 10,000 pounds or more for any residential or commercial property owner in Roanoke, VA. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we are able to offer the most efficient and reliable services from start to finish. If you are looking for prompt pick up services, or to turn your recyclables into cash, contact R & R Recycling today!

We Take Pride in Offering Local Recycling Service!

At R & R Recycling, we take pride in our role in our community. From providing our customers with cash for their recyclables to helping sustaining the earth and local businesses, we guarantee that you won’t find a better recycling service! From Montvale to Roanoke, VA, and every location in between, we offer top quality services to many areas in Southwest Virginia, including:

The First Choice for Durable Containers and Recycling Pickup

As one of the most reputable recycling companies in the area, we are Roanoke’s first choice when it comes to punctual, dependable services. From top of the line container services to efficient scrap metal pickups, paid recycling services, and much more, R & R Recycling is the best service provider for you! We accept many types of objects and materials for recycling, and our high quality containers are the most durable waste bins available. If you are in the process of demolishing a structure, cleaning out an area on your property, or simply need a large container for recyclable materials and other waste, call the experts at R & R Recycling. With our years of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, there is no one better for the job!