Get Paid
To Recycle
With Us!

The Best Choice for Recycling Services in Southwest Virginia

At R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA, we buy your recyclables! We encourage the responsible disposal of reusable material, so if you are looking for a place that will pay you for your cans, metal, brass, and copper, our facility is the best option for anyone in Southwest Virginia. From Montvale to Salem, Roanoke, Vinton, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and every area in between, the dedicated experts at R & R Recycling are the most reliable service providers available. Contact us today to find out more about our recycling program!

We Pay You to Help Keep Our Community Clean!

For more than three decades, we have been committed to making our community a better place. Recycling is one of the most effective ways to ensure the environmental and economical welfare of our area. Instead of contributing to the overflowing landfills throughout the country, or allowing your recyclable material to pile up in your yard or garage, allow R & R Recycling to take it off your hands. Help keep our community clean! We pay you for many of your recycled materials and items, including:

Insulated Aluminum Wire
Aluminum Siding
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Litho Plates
Aluminum Window Frames
Aluminum Wheels
Aluminum Clips
Aluminum Turnings
Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Thermal Guard
Aluminum Signs
Aluminum Downspouts
Stripped Aluminum Wire

Brass Valves
Yellow Brass
Brass Shells
Brass Faucets
Plumbing Brass
Brass Radiators

Roofing Copper
Copper Tubing
Insulated Copper Wire
Copper Turnings
Stripped Copper Wire
Copper Buss Bars
Tin Plated Copper

Electric Motors
Copper Transformers

Sheet Lead
Range Lead
Lead Coated Copper Wire

Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Clips
Stainless Steel Turnings
Stainless Steel Restraint Equipment

Cast Iron
Water Heaters
AC Units (must be disassembled)
Air Handlers
Prepared and Unprepared Structural Steel
Steel Racking
Equipment and Machinery
Bushling Steel
Miscellaneous Auto Parts
All forms of recyclable steel