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Why Recycling is Important

R & R Recycling Shares Vital Information on Our Environment

Many people question why recycling is important, especially in areas of Southwest Virginia. What we do with our waste is an issue that extends beyond our immediate area. It is a worldwide problem that is critical in many countries.

R & R Recycling does our part to maintain recycling as a regular option for waste material. It is what we do every day and we accept many items for recycling at our facility. However, there may be even more you can do to aid this larger environmental effort.


Recycling…The Rs Start With You

As users and consumers of items, what we do with our waste matters. You may already be familiar with the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We can find ways to reduce waste. Many of us already take bags or boxes with us to the grocery store. Or we might purchase items in biodegradable packaging.

Reusing items might take a little more creativity, but here is where craftiness comes into play. Pinterest.com online offers ideas on how to reuse a number of common items many of us have. Everything from old clothing and more can be reused in a number of creative ways to extend its usefulness.

It would be wonderful if we could just recycle every bit of waste. However, the recycling market is just that—a marketplace. As mentioned in our previous blog, many residents may not have that much material. –But what should you do with items worthy of collection?


We Do Our Part to Keep Reusable Items Out of Landfills

An important first step in recycling is awareness. A simple online search for the best websites for recycling yields a number of possibilities. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers the National Recycling Strategy.

Checking online can save you time and energy when you have certain items you would like to recycle. Residents, schools, and businesses can join forces to make it more effective in our local communities. There are specific organizations that accept reusable items, from eyeglasses to cell phones.


Important Ways to Recycle in Southwest Virginia

We can all make an effort to recycle more here in Southwest Virginia. While one residence may or may not have many pieces to contribute, groups can unite to aid in collection efforts. Local businesses, too, may have volumes of select items that can feed into existing recycling streams.

Coordinate with civic leaders to engage the community to focus and increase efforts. You may already be aware of special dates and times for hazardous waste collection. Expanding drop off sites is one key component for recycling by community members in Southwest Virginia.


R & R Recycling Offers Pickup and Drop-Off Options

To aid local efforts R & R Recycling offers pickup and drop-off services. We especially look to pick up from commercial customers who have a volume of recyclable material. Since various metals comprise most items, we provide necessary hauling to remove the container, empty it, and bring it back.

Community members can also bring non-ferrous metal items to our facility. As we mentioned, there are things that we do not accept. If you are unsure whether we will accept your materials, please call. You can also call us with any questions about how much we pay for various items.


Start Recycling Today with R & R Recycling

Think about the many ways you, your family, school, or business can help in recycling efforts. You can help keep many metals out of the local landfill, and help keep our community cleaner. R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA, has been doing this for more than 30 years. With your help, we can continue our efforts to help the environment.



Are you looking to recycle non-ferrous metals in Southwest Virginia? Call R & R Recycling in Montvale, VA, at (540) 947-5003, or check out our website for updates. Make money while properly disposing of your household metals! Talk to us today for more information on why recycling is important.